15 reasons to drink a beer every day

Raise your glasses for a toast.
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The Daily Meal

Go ahead: Ask what’s on draft at happy hour. Pick up a six-pack on your way home from work. Crack open a cold one and watch some TV after a long day. Whatever your beer of choice, whether it’s a citrusy IPA or a light lager, here are a couple more reasons to feel good about drinking a daily pint of beer.

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Don’t worry, you won’t get a beer belly. (Unless you pour your beer wrong, which is probably why it makes you feel bloated.) Studies show that casual beer drinkers don’t necessarily have larger bellies. It’s the excessive drinking that’ll get you - and those consequences aren’t limited to beer. In fact, a small, sugary cocktail could be far more caloric than an entire pint of beer.

But the carbs! The calories! And, of course, there’s the alcohol - that can’t be good for you. And to be honest, it’s not. There’s a reason Guinness had to ditch its age-old slogan, “Guinness is good for you.” But every now and then, it’s OK to shove all those reasons not to drink a beer to the wayside. Beer, while definitely not a health food, does actually have some real benefits. (Other than the liquid courage you get from drinking it.) So go grab yourself a glass and toast to beer, the drink giving you these 15 fabulous benefits with every sip.

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