101 best beers in America

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Is there a finer beverage out there than beer? We’re not so sure there is. Whether you’re having a quiet homemade dinner with family, spending the day outside at the beach or the ballpark with friends, or just sitting on your couch and catching up on some binge-worthy television, there’s no drink that pairs better with a good time than an ice-cold, delicious beer. It doesn’t matter if you like a drink that’s sweet, bitter, refreshing, challenging, cold, or room temperature, there’s a beer out there for you. So in honor of the humble beer and all that it has become in the booming craft beer movement, we sought out the 101 best beers in America.

How did we do that? Glad you asked.

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To determine the best beers in America, we cross-checked beer ratings on Untappd, BeerAdvocate, and RateBeer, looking for the beers that average beer drinkers and beer-tasting professionals alike have given the highest ratings and biggest praise. We also tapped in to our own extensive tasting experience and knowledge, giving nods to the best beers our editors have had over the last year. Additionally, because beer (and craft beer specifically) tends to be centered in a few big states like California, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and Vermont, we gave special consideration to brews from less beer-heavy states like North Dakota and New Mexico. Thus, nearly every state in the union is represented on our list of the 101 best beers in America. We have also left the beers on this list unranked. Our list is diverse in beer styles, and it’s frankly impossible to weigh the merits of, say, a witbier against the merits of a Russian imperial stout.

Life is too short to spend it drinking bad beer, that’s what we always say. So make sure you never waste your time sipping on swill by adding these 101 best beers in America to your must-try list.

Carolyn Menyes, Shannon Darnall, and Taylor Rock contributed to this report.

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