What’s new at San Diego breweries


We are fortunate enough to live where craft beer flows like water and new bottle shops, pubs and breweries seem to pop-up on every corner. That being said, there’s a lot of news to keep up with.

Here’s a few of the bigger things going on with some of our favorite SD breweries.

Alesmith’s $10 million expansion slowly getting there:

Alesmith’s newest project, a 100,000 square-foot location, is still underway. If you haven’t been by to check out the space, it’s a must. Not only will their new digs hold a full tasting room and beer garden, but also an entire museum dedicated to one of our hometown heroes, Tony Gwynn, for which their beer Pale .394 is named after. Guests will also be able to enjoy sipping beers in the second-story area overlooking the beer garden. In the meantime, Alesmith fans are welcome to have a brew in their up-and-running tasting room and look around at the new operation.

9368 Cabot St. San Diego.

Coronado Brewing adding canning line:

Coronado Brewing Co. is hoping to finally begin canning their beer in the first months of 2016, which means the brand new canning line is to be set-up by the end of this year. The company has recently expanded its capacity to 65,000 barrels, leading them towards a new game plan for further expansion with their facility as well. The goal is to get a new brew house up and running in a recently purchased property adjacent to their brewery.

1205 Knoxville St., Coronado.

Mike Hess opening new tasting room in OB:

Mike Hess is settling into their newest home, a satellite tasting room near the waves in Ocean Beach. The new location offers 25 taps in the nearly 1,800-square-foot location. This is the third space for Hess brewing in San Diego, and it will be strictly a tasting room, not a production facility. The spot took over the old Salty Dog Pet Store off Voltaire, a prime corner location. Hess resides in the Ocean Beach area himself, so hopefully we’ll see him cruise in for a brew every so often.

4893 Voltaire St. Ocean Beach.

Ballast Point Brewing releases canned cocktails:

Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits recently released their “canned cocktails” which infuses their own crafted liquors with various popular cocktail mixes. The 12 oz. can lineup features the Fugu bloody Mary, Three Sheets Rum and ginger, Three Sheets Rum and cola and Old Grove Gin and tonic. These to-go cocktails are a game-changer because they remove the need for separate mixers, especially for occasions when less is more, like BBQs or beach days.

Miramar location: 9045 Carroll Way. San Diego.

Alpine Beer Company Pub is worthy of the drive to East County:

If you haven’t already had a chance to check out Alpine’s new pub - this is a reminder that it’s there and just quick-drive away from the original Alpine brewery. The spacious new pub features both indoor and outdoor seating and is a huge improvement from the compact space at their old location. The pub boasts an impressive beer list including favorites like Pure Hoppiness and Duet, and not-so-easy finds like Willy Vanilly and 2005 Great. The atmosphere features upgraded décor with a barbeque-inspired food menu.

1347 Tavern Rd. Suite C23. Alpine.

Saint Archer bought out by MillersCoors:

As speculated for weeks within the brew community, Saint Archer has officially been purchased by big beer. This fact has already begun to cause a stir within San Diego as this is the first of our craft beers to sell out. It may change the company’s stigma and will definitely change their distribution. Expect to see Saint Archer beers where you find Coors, be it at bars or grocery store isles. Saint Archer stated in a press release, “We were fortunate that brewers big and small were interested in partnering with us, but Tenth and Blake was the clear choice.” Only time whether other San Diego craft breweries will follow suite.

9550 Distribution Ave. San Diego.

Source: DiscoverSD