Undistributed beer of the week: Ny Verden


There can only be one undistributed beer of the week. The competition is fierce in San Diego’s beer community, but someone has to take the title. This week’s best undistributed beer is...

Mikkeller Brewing Company: Ny Verden

Style: Olde Ale

ABV: 9%

Pair with: a roast beef dish or apple crisp

This full-bodied beer is rich and filled with flavors of dark figs and maple syrup. It’s big in flavor but still surprisingly easy to drink, even at nine-percent ABV.


This beer comes to us from Mikkeller, who has locations across the world from Copenhagen to Iceland to San Francisco and the recently-added San Diego. The brewery and bar is now occupying Alesmith’s former location in Miramar.

Head brewer at Mikkeller Brewing Bill Batten says that this tasty beer’s recipe is credited to Anthony Chen, head brewer at Alesmith, who created it as a collaboration project between the two outstanding breweries.

“This beer was created for our first collaboration and was made with AleSmith Brewing Company, the previous tenant of the location that Mikkeller Brewing San Diego now resides in, which made it a no-brainer as a consideration for our first collaboration,” Batten said.

This beer is quite unique compared to a lot of brews in San Diego right now, as an olde ale-style.

“Ny Verden is an olde ale-style that uses different sugars which aids in adding to the fullness of the malt profile and creates a rich complexity of dark fruit notes. The sugars used in the Ny Verden are piloncillo, maple syrup and dark agave syrup, to name a few,” Batten said.

This beer is currently bottled and sold only at Mikkeller San Diego. While you can (and should) try this special beer while it’s on tap, it’s also highly recommended that you buy a bottle to keep in your beer cellar.

“The beer will improve with age and will start to take on a whole new aspect once sherry-like notes begin to creep in,” Batten said. “This is from the positive oxidation that can occur from aging stronger, darker types of beers.”

Batten also shared that the brew’s interesting Danish name translates to “new world.” The beer represents the coming of Mikkeller Brewing to San Diego’s buzzing craft beer community. We’re happy to have you, Mikkeller!

Ny Verden is currently available on tap at Mikkeller Brewing San Diego. Get it while it’s cold!

Mikkeller Brewing Company, 9368 Cabot Drive, Miramar.

Source: DiscoverSD