San Diego brews outpace the nation when it comes to sales


Postpone the Beerpocalypse. While many U.S. craft brewers have been fretting about slowing sales, some even predicting that a craft beer “bubble” is ready to burst, San Diego’s brew crew is bubbling with optimism.

That’s one take-away from a study released last week by California State University, San Marcos. By almost every measure, the locals are outpacing the nation. In 2017, for instance, U.S. craft beer sales rose 8%; in San Diego County, the increase was about 26%.

And while craft beer production in the U.S. climbed a respectable 5% in 2017, it jumped 22% locally. In fact, four out of every 100 barrels of American craft beer rolls out of San Diego County.

As the accompanying chart shows, 28% of all local breweries last year enjoyed increased production of more than 30%. If this is a bubble, it seems to be a durable one.

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