Choose one: San Diego craft beer is in a cycle of a.) boom or b.) bust


Toolbox, a Vista brewery whose tart-and-salty Gose beers were stellar, closed last week. Amanda Elder and Spencer Peters, the owners, issued a Facebook farewell: “We have invested a lifetime of savings, blood, sweat and tears into Toolbox. We have fought the good fight but there comes a time to move on and accept your wins and losses graciously.”

That’s sad news, but craft casualties have been piling up since summer: Monkey Paw, Prodigy, Chuck Alek, Intergalactic. We’re doomed!

Resolved: San Diego craft is blowing up.

In Barrio Logan, Attitude opened on Sept. 28. El Cajon’s Creative Creature followed, Oct. 5 Then came Vista’s Helia Brewing, Oct. 13. Embarcadero, a brewing supplies shop and tasting room in National City, is prepping for a Oct. 20 grand opening. Our mugs overflow!

Resolved: San Diego craft beer is having a moment.

This is a volatile industry. Five years ago, every lab monkey with a financial backer was opening a brewery and raking in lottery-winner millions. (And, no, “lab monkey” is not a vine-swinging slap at Monkey Paw, a terrific brewery that deserved a better fate.)

Those days, if they ever truly existed, are over. San Diego craft beer still has plenty of winners, but our inventory of losers is growing.

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