New breweries make the craft scene in SD


Sorry, big beer companies. An ocean of macro swill couldn’t douse the craft beer fire that continues to sweep across San Diego County.

Now clocking in at a whopping 115 breweries, our Southern California paradise has given the term wildfire a whole new meaning. And frankly, San Diego residents couldn’t be more excited.

While some will rise above the flames in victory, others will inevitably end in ashes, but we all hope for the best for every brewer that has put heart, soul, blood and tears into making a craft beer dream a reality.

Let’s raise our glasses to our latest additions: According to the San Diego Brewers Guild, more than 15 new breweries have officially opened since San Diego Beer Week 2014. Here are a few must-visits:

Abnormal Beer Co.

This hybrid of brewery/winery/restaurant is unlike anything else in the county. Now you can take your wine-loving friends along on your craft beer odyssey and everyone is in liquid heaven. The beautifully designed Cork and Craft restaurant at Abnormal serves up delicious and affordable brunch, lunch and dinner, while the brewery cranks out classic IPAs, and my personal favorite, the Mostra Mocha Stout. Date night, anyone?

Duck Foot Brewing Co.

Gluten-intolerant beer fans rejoice! Duck Foot to the rescue. “We brew ALL of our beers using a special enzyme that removes nearly all traces of gluten from the beer,” it proclaims as it presents local beer lovers with everything from a session IPA to a chocolate hazelnut porter (this cocoa lover says yes). Check out the ultra-polished, informative website, and don’t miss “Meet the Quacks” for their fascinating and experienced backgrounds.

Half Door Brewing Co.

Charming and undeniably impressive with its range of beers, menus and even cocktails, Half Door hits all the right spots. Based on the Irish tradition of fresh beer made locally, this hotspot near Petco Park is a must visit for new breweries. Enjoy Irish brunch classics alongside SoCal favorites, lunch and dinner while sipping on an admirable range of craft brews including a traditional Irish dry stout, a Belgian tripel, Berliner-Weisse, and of course, IPA.

South Park Brewing Co.

Launched by craft beer mastermind Scot Blair and brewing wizard Cosimo Sorrentino, this new San Diego staple is already winning awards and garnering loyalty. Be sure to check the website for what’s on tap, as well as what’s fresh in the fish case.

Cheers and great success to all of our new breweries!

Other notable openings

Bay City Brewing

Bay Bridge Brewing

Division 23 Brewing

Guadalupe Brewery

Helix Brewing

Home Brewing Co.

Kilowatt Brewing

Magnetic Brewing

Novo Brazil Brewing Co.

Pacific Islander Beer Co.

Prodigy Brewing Co.

Reckless Brewing Co.

Second Chance Beer Co.

Source: DiscoverSD