Meet your brewer: Dan Jachimowicz

Great Odin’s Raven! (That’s an Anchorman reference.) A new brewery just touched down in the nether-region between Mira Mesa (aka Beera Mesa) and Miramar (aka Beeramar), and, thanks to a motif based on ancient Nordic warriors, it’s unlike any other in San Diego. Longship Brewery’s on-shore captain, Dan Jachimowicz, toots the brewery’s horns in more ways than one.

Brandon Herna?ndez: Where did the whole Viking theme come from?
DAN JACHIMOWICZ: I really have no idea. I think the fascination in medieval history started from fantasy books and games and slowly evolved into an actual historical interest. About the time I started brewing, I also took up metalworking. The guy whose shop I started going to introduced me to some of his friends that do medieval fighting re-enactment, some of whom dress up and fight as Vikings. I started learning more, and my interest in medieval history started shifting toward that culture. I also love to learn about different mythologies, and I consider the Norse myths particularly unique.

What are some of the Viking touches at Longship?
When you walk in, there’s a painting that was done by an artist named Robin Golden, who also painted the logo and wall where are taps are located. We had wanted to put a large, bold art piece there. It’s a realistic portrayal of our logo, featuring the longship with a stunning background. And we have shields dotting the wall. The wood for those came from the crates my kettle and hot-water tank came in. The brass edging was made at the metal shop I worked in. We had to use a specially made hammer-die to get the right width and curve for the shields; a lot of work went into making them. One tank mounted in front of the fermentation tanks features the phrase, “Let the work speak for the craftsman,” in rune characters. That one is particularly special to me as is our approach to how we make our beers. We can talk all we want, but if our craft is not quality, then what is the point?

Describe the beer.
We focus on making beer that’s drinkable and smooth. Beer should be savored and enjoyed; it should keep you entertained and guessing throughout the pint. I think we excel in this where others fall short. We will soon be launching a line called Kvasir’s Gift. Kvasir was the Norse god of inspiration, and his gifts to us are the ideas for our experimental brews, whatever they may be.

If Minnesota comes to town, who will you pull for, Vikings or Chargers?
Well, one of the major military downfalls of the Vikings was the enemy’s use of cavalry. The charger, being a warhorse, would have been responsible for breaking apart quite a few Viking shield-walls, so I would have to give the win to them.