Take it from the tap: Bagby Beer says Prost!


Beer: It’s Festtastic!

From: Bagby Beer

Why: This German-style Oktoberfest beer is true to the Marzen style — amber in color, malty but light in body, with only a hint of brash West Coast hopping. It’s a cheerful, slightly warming beer ideal for crisper days and nights.

Geeking out: 5.9% alcohol by volume.

Seeking out: Head to Bagby Beer’s spacious brewpub at 601 S. Coast Hwy. in Oceanside. Try it with the pork belly poutine and Belgian frites.

Inside out: While owner Jeff Bagby is renowned for his hoppy IPAs, he also has a way with malty brews. His Baltic porter and Irish stout have medaled at the Great American Beer Festival.