Duck Foot Brewing Company expands into downtown


Few San Diego neighborhoods can boast more breweries than Miramar, yet few areas can be more daunting to explore, thanks to the nearly endless corridors of industrial parks. One of those out-of-the-way locations is home to Duck Foot Brewing, which pulls off the difficult task of making gluten-reduced beers that are enjoyed by a large audience, even gluten-gluttons.

“Probably about 10 percent of customers have celiac disease,” said co-owner Suzy Pessutti.

Last week, Duck Foot raised its profile by opening a 1,600-square foot tap house and restaurant in downtown, near the corner of Broadway and Park (for sticklers, the address is 550 Park Blvd., Suite 2104).

We dropped in recently to enjoy a few beers — the Strawberry Blonde Ale was especially refreshing on this late-summer night — and sample the menu. Despite a total lack of wheat, barley and rye, the small plates were delightful, especially the Japanese sweet potato, the meatballs (held together by masa) and Brazilian cheese breads, soft round morsels of corn meal stuffed with melted brie.

The kitchen is too small to turn out full meals, but the partners were determined to offer fans something substantial to nosh on.

“After three years of operating the brewery,” said co-owner Matt DelVecchio, “we are so sick of eating chips and salsa.”

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