Acres of untoned, untanned skin adorn pages of 2019 brewers calendar


For better or worse, “The Sexy Brewers Calendar” is back.

The calendar is a project of “What’s On Draft,” a website of short videos about local breweries. Executive producer Tom Keliinoi III was inspired by a retina-searing glimpse of a “Sexy Cab Drivers of New York” calendar.

“It was all these older Pakistani men in pin-up poses,” he said. “I thought that would translate really well to craft beer.”

He began with the “Sexy Brewers” 2017 calendar, skipped ’18 and now returns with a ’19 version. This one is a fundraiser for Lifesharing, a San Diego nonprofit that coordinates organ donation.

The cause is serious. The calendar? “It’s tongue in cheek,” said Jan Buncher, co-owner of Ebullition Brew Works in Vista. “It’s the sexy and the not-so-sexy.”

While a few female brewers are featured, most “models” are guys. The poses riff on pop culture images — Rose the Riveter, say, or Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video — and reveal acres of untoned and untanned skin.

Calendars, $25, are sold at featured breweries like Home Brewing and Second Chance, plus online at Charity has rarely looked so geeky.

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