Beers fit for Valentine love or longing

Are you more smitten with your lover or the latest craft beer? Obsessed with their smile or on a defiant love sabbatical? No matter if you are in the throes of blissful love or dropping a tear in your beer, we’ve got every scenario covered for a brew-inspired Valentine’s Day.

With your new sweetheart, love of your life, or mad crush

Devotion, 6.3 percent ABV, Lost Abbey: Show unending love for your soul mate with this classic Belgian-inspired beer. Light bodied and a perfect aperitif for the evening, it’s the start to a love-soaked odyssey.

Foreplay, 6.8 percent ABV, Fornication 9 percent ABV, Thorn Street Brewery: Whether you are trying to win them over or are in full-scale lust, these two brews have your Valentine’s Day covered. Start your conquest with Foreplay, an easygoing Belgian blonde, then put in it overdrive with Fornication, a Belgian strong ale.

Le Freak, 9.2 percent ABV, Green Flash: Bring out your copy of “50 Shades of Grey” with this tightrope-walking brew, part Belgian triple, part imperial IPA. This perfectly blended hybrid is the liquid counterpart to your own dual personality.

Proudly single and loving it

The Bachelor, 6.5 percent ABV, Societe Brewing: Males or females can celebrate their independence with this happily single-hop ale. Like your multitude of ex-lovers, the Bachelor runs through hops as quick as you do partners. Currently on: Mandarina Bavaria.

Lupulin Lust, 8.3 percent ABV, Rip Current Brewing: So maybe the only lust you know is for the latest hop varietal in your IPA. A little sad? Maybe, but at least you don’t have to deal with lying, fights and anxiety disorders with your beer friends.

On the anti-relationship warpath

My Bloody Valentine, 6.66 percent ABV, Alesmith: A perennial favorite of scorned lovers everywhere, this amber brew has the mark of the beast and your ex, which, in fact, is no coincidence. Devilishly delicious, one can simultaneously swallow the self-repudiation (for ever dating such a loser) and the perfectly blended symmetry of toasty caramel malt and floral-citrus hoppiness. Too bad the two of you didn’t mesh so well.

Tart of Darkness, 7.2 percent ABV, the Bruery: You’ll be forced to consort with other single beer nerds to get this one on V-Day (or raid your cellar, beer geeks) From up the road in Placentia, this mind-bending yet incredibly delicious sour stout speaks to the narcissistic Kurtz inside. We’re sour, we’re dark. Put on Radiohead and steer clear of the razors.

Dubbel Fisted, 8.1 percent ABV, Iron Fist: When you’re ready to throw punches, go the pacifist route and take out your aggression in liquid form. From Brandon and his crew, this Abbey dubbel cools the emotional fires with notes of chocolate caramel, plum and toffee. Check out their locations in Vista and Barrio Logan.

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Source: DiscoverSD