There’s what in this beer?

In the past week, Ballast Point, Stone and a dozen homebrewers served beers using water that was, ahem, “reclaimed.”

That’s the preferred term for water that’s gone through the purification process once derided as “toilet to tap.”

Reclaimed water has made great strides, both in effectiveness and public acceptance, since San Diego flushed an earlier campaign. At the recent WateReuse CA Annual Conference at the Gaslamp’s Westin Hotel, experts heard about microfiltration and membrane efficiency - and drank in the results of their work.

On Monday, the featured beverage was Ballast Point’s Padre Dam Pilsner.

Last Sunday, March 19, 12 members of the Quality Ale and Fermentation Fraternity (QUAFF) competed to produce the best beer made with recycled water. Dan Baker’s “So Juicy IPRA” took first place; Donald Rutherford’s “Don’s Black Night Fire Water” second; and Doug Brown’s “Pina Pale Ale” third.

On Friday, March 17, Stone poured its Full Circle Pale Ale for the conventioneers and guests, including Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

“That’ll work,” the mayor said after his first sip. “That’s good.”

As they say, it’s the (reclaimed) water.