Beer of the week: Karl Strauss Brewing Company’s Boat Shoes


Beer Name: Boat Shoes

Brewery: Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Style: Hazy IPA

ABV: 7.2%

Brewed with Pacifica, Simcoe, Mosaic, Pekko and Galaxy hops, Boat Shoes is all about juicy refreshment and balanced, easy drinking. San Diego veteran Karl Strauss has been pleasing local beer lovers since opening in 1989, and has taken home more than 100 medals in the past decade, including the prestigious Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016.

What’s with the name? To quote the can itself, “Boat shoes are much more than footwear-they’re a state of mind. They say to those around you, ‘Hey. I’m practical, but I’m also stylish. I may or may not actually own a boat.’ ”

Breakin’ down the hops: The New Zealand Pacifica hop gives orange peel and marmalade notes, while Simcoe lends earthy pine and citrus. Mosaic also contributes pine and citrus, along with herbs and tropical notes, Pekko presents a sage and juniper herbal character, and Australian Galaxy bestows passionfruit and citrus qualities.

What to expect: An easy-drinking IPA all the way. You’ll catch a refreshing burst of citrus tempered by a garden of freshly cut herbs on the nose. The palate is perfectly balanced with no rough edges, making it go down all too easy.

Best fan comment: “...just perfect, not pillowy like NEIPAs. Bitterness is pretty perfect, solid but not intense in any way. Overall this is an outstanding beer. — BayAreaJoe on

This beer gal’s take: Who wouldn’t like this beer? This is an ideal introduction to IPA for newbies and those wanting to get into the hazy style. Perfect for a patio lunch, brunch, sunny afternoon happy hour (preferably on a boat), it won’t assault your palate, and still gives you all the hoppiness you could want.

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