Craft Beer

How much beer gets lost in your ‘stache?

Researchers have looked into how much beer is wasted on mustaches. (iStock)
(Halfpoint / Getty Images/iStockphoto)


Actual research, conducted by a genuine specialist in the field of hair science (really!): Irish brewer Guinness commissioned a study to answer one of the critical issues of our day. How much beer is wasted by becoming trapped in facial hair?

The answer: (And may I remind you that this is the result of a bonafide scientific experiment?) Over the course of a 180-pint year, each hirsute tippler lost about a pint and a half of stout to his ‘stache.

Fortunately, American ingenuity offers a solution to this problem. Missouri’s Whisker Dam company sells a copper shield that fits over coffee and beer mugs, with a slotted opening suitable for hair-free sipping. The motto: “It’s like an umbrella for your face.”


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