I scream, you scream for beer ice cream


Salt & Straw, the Portland-based ice cream emporium known for its out-of-the-carton thinking, is scooping up two unusual treats at its new Little Italy shop:

Peanut Butter Stout, made with the Belching Beaver beer of the same name, and Hopped Orange Creamsicle, using Modern Times’ Thermometer Island, a barrel-aged saison dosed with blood oranges.

“We broke down the flavors and used the finished beer in the ice cream,” said Tyler Malek, whose business card identifies him as Salt & Straw’s “churnmaster.”

S&S perfected this approach in Portland, where it has made ice cream with Breakside Brewery’s beers, while Breakside has made beers with S&S ice cream.

“Coming down to San Diego,” Malke said, “I felt that kinship and the ability to jump in with some of these amazing breweries.”

Peanut Butter Stout promises to be a regular at the local Salt & Straw. Hopped Orange Creamsicle is enjoying a limited run, through Jan. 31.

Salt & Straw: 1670 India St., Little Italy,