Bear Roots: Alive and growling


Among those who had heard the rumors that Bear Roots was ready to sell or close: Terry Little, the Vista brewery’s owner.

“I’ve heard all kinds of weird stuff,” Little said, “but we’re staying active and viable.”

Last weekend, in fact, Little signed a contract for a new five-year lease on his brewery. In April, he opened a downtown Vista tap room and it, too, has a five-year lease with an option for another five years.

The rumors of Bear Roots’ demise are false, yet Little believes they are rooted in some true developments.

“I recently stepped down from San Diego Brewers Guild as vice president because I have three children under five and my wife would like me at home more often,” he said. “And I am selling my house and we might buy a house in Bend, Ore.”

The plan, he said, is to move the family to Bend and then become a more-or-less absentee owner.

“I’d be flying back and forth to San Diego quite a bit,” Little said. “I have a good staff — I haven’t done the day-to-day supervising for awhile.”

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