Oceanside brewery gets nod in TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom’


Although based on an Australian crime drama, TNT’s “Animal Kingdom” takes full advantage of its Oceanside setting. The Codys, the drug dealing/bank robbing/murdering family at the series’ center, peddle stolen goods on Oceanside Pier, plot at Tyson Street Park, cruise Coast Highway.

They also have tangled love lives and a bottomless supply of beer. Which set up a line in a recent episode:

“You’re gonna give me relationship advice?” Deran Cody (Jake Weary) asked his brother Craig (Ben Robson). “The guy who told that waitress at Bagby Beer Co. that you were getting deported because you didn’t want to have breakfast with her the next day.”

Turns out, the cast and crew are fans of Jeff and Dande Bagby’s brewpub at 601 S. Coast Highway.

“They come in and have lunch here all the time,” said Claire Van Dyke, a Bagby Beer manager.

How’d that waitress feel when she learned that Craig is undeported?

“She’s taking it OK,” Van Dyke said.

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