Ale to the former Chief!


Crazy week in the craft beer world.

A day after Miller/Coors announced it was buying local brewery, Saint Archer, Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch released a statement on Friday saying that ? after 19 years ? he was stepping down as CEO.

“This is a natural progression once companies reach our size and complexity,” he said in the statement. “I see this as an opportunity to focus on future direction and projects for Stone Brewing.”

Transitioning into a new role as executive chairman, Koch will have his eye on an upcoming Stone brewery and bistro in Berlin, Germany, as well as a $74 million brewery/distribution center/restaurant in Richmond, Virginia.

Here at home, Stone has more than 1,100 employees and operates a production facility and two Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens restaurants in Escondido and Liberty Station.

Per Koch, there is no rush to find a new CEO, and he will remain in the role until his successor is hired.

In the meantime, do you like craft beer and are you ready to lead the ninth largest microbrewery on the planet? If so, get that resume ready...

Source: DiscoverSD