Keurig now sells a machine that makes cocktails instead of coffee

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Keurig machines are known for being a quick way to make a variety of hot drinks, from coffee to tea to cocoa to cider, using prepackaged K cups, also called pods. But now Keurig and Anheuser-Busch have partnered to produce a similar machine that does the same thing for cocktails: The Drinkworks home bar.

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According to a fact sheet, the machine can make 15 cocktails, including Moscow mules, margaritas, mojitos, and Long Island iced tea. Beer and hard cider pods are also offered.

“With each cocktail, the Drinkworks drinkmaker dispenses the spirits, water, carbonation and other ingredients simultaneously, mixing them as they cascade into your glass,” the company says in a statement.

Drink-making time will vary, with a margarita taking about 25 seconds to prepare and a Moscow mule twice that. The machine will scan each pod’s barcode to determine how to carbonate and chill the drink.

It’s not exactly cheap: The machine costs $299, and each cocktail pod costs $3.99, or $15.99 for four. One CO2 tank comes with each machine, but you’ll need to buy more when that tank runs out. A writer for The Verge sampled both a margarita and a Moscow mule made in the machine and reported that the drinks were tasty, but making them in a machine didn’t seem necessary.

The machine is rolling out just in St. Louis, Missouri to start, and if you live there, you now can preorder one through the website or at some area stores, including Total Wine & More. It will be sold in other states in 2019. For now, if you’re not near St. Louis, or you’d rather have your cocktails crafted by a professional bartender, check out the 150 best bars in America.

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