Drinking Red Bull vodkas will make you want to fight, study says

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In what could be the most unsurprising news ever, researchers found that drinking Red Bull with vodka increases the “risk of fighting, violence, and participation in risky behaviors.” This shouldn’t come as much of a shock, considering two years prior, another study suggested that the effects of mixing alcohol with caffeine are basically the same as using cocaine.

Red Bull vodkas are popular with college students and other partiers looking to stay awake and feel less drunk than they actually are. However, scientists from the University of Portsmouth and the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil are suggesting that one of the energy drink’s key ingredients, taurine, has a negative effect when paired with alcohol.

To test this theory, 192 zebrafish were separated into four shoals. The first group was administered taurine and alcohol at levels that would reflect moderate intoxication in humans. Others were given taurine, alcohol, or water separately.

The fish that guzzled both alcohol and taurine had little interaction with other fish compared with those in other shoals. They also showed “risky” behavior by spending more time in the area of the water designated for a faux predator. So, basically these guys are asking for trouble, but are unlikely to approach a prospect at the bar.

We’re not qualified to tell you what you should and shouldn’t drink, but if you’re going to mix Red Bull with vodka, proceed at your own risk. If you’re a lover and not a fighter, maybe opt for one of the 101 best beers in America instead.

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