You & Yours Distilling Co. expands, releases canned cocktails and collaboration citrus vodka


Expanding into a new 5,000 square foot facility in East Village, is a sign of big things to come for You & Yours Distilling Co.. Known for its hand-crafted artisanal spirits, the spirit company is a favorite of local bartenders and cocktail lovers around the county. Just in time for summer, You & Yours is releasing their Y&Y Summer Citrus Vodka, in partnership with Loews Coronado Bay Resort as well as a lineup of canned cocktails.

The new grape-based vodka incorporates fresh lemons, kumquats and white rosemary from the resort’s gardens, and is served exclusively at Loews and the Y&Y distillery space in East Village. The vibrantly decorated canned cocktails, which are set for release throughout California in mid-August, include Vodka, Cranberry, Soda; Gin & Tonic; and Vodka Mule.

PACIFIC recently chatted with owner and distiller Laura Johnson to find out more about the new spirit collaboration, why canned cocktails, and the perfect Instagram shot.

PACIFIC: Your new citrus vodka sounds delicious. Why grape-based?

LAURA JOHNSON: All of the other spirits we’ve released so far are grape-based. I like the texture it gives as well as a subtle sweetness and nice floral quality that plays really well with the lemons in this new vodka. It’s nice and bright, perfect for summer!

Tell us about the new aged whiskey planned? When can we expect it?

We’re excited to start making a couple of whiskeys and putting barrels away this year, but won’t release anything for at least a couple of years. We want to do things right.

Why canned cocktails? Is it a San Diego thing?

Canned cocktails have been part of the plan since day one, and thankfully the American market is finally coming around to ready-to-drink cocktails. The timing feels perfect. Being a cocktail culture-minded distillery, creating canned cocktails with our spirits is a natural next step.

What changes do you have to allow for to make a cocktail can-able?

The cocktails we’re releasing in cans are different from our in house cocktail program in that they’re a bit simpler. These types of RTDs (ready-to-drink) have more mass market appeal so we wanted the cocktails we chose to reflect that as well.

For someone who’s never tried a canned cocktail, what would you recommend trying first?

These are easy drinking, sessionable, crowd pleasing cocktails. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Your personal favorite?

I feel like I have to say the G&T, because it’s the one I spent the most time formulating. But I really love the vodka soda splash of cran, where we add some tart cherry and pomegranate flavors as well.

What’s your idea of the perfect Y&Y cocktail Instagram shot?

On a beautiful boat, anchored up by Coronado, with the San Diego skyline in the background!

You & Yours Distilling Co. and tasting room: 1495 G St., East Village, 619.955.8755,

Loews Coronado Bay Resort: 4000 Coronado Bay Rd., Coronado, 619.424.4000,