Sunday, Bloody Funday


By Michael Benninger
Photo by Sara Norris

Legend has it that repeatedly saying the words “Bloody Mary” in front of a mirror will invoke an ominous entity with untold powers. The same holds true when uttering the phrase in front of a server at Mission Beach’s Sandbar, who will then appear with a behemoth beverage big enough to call breakfast.

“Our Big-Ass Bloody Mary is 22 ounces of what dreams are made of,” says Christina Briggs, Sandbartender extraordinaire and the venue’s effervescent event coordinator. “We proudly serve Ballast Point’s original bloody Mary recipe, combined with Skyy vodka and a secret Sandbar twist.”

Atop the colossal, crimson concoction is a seriously stacked skewer that’s speared through fresh salami, crisp veggies, Applewood bacon, three kinds of cheese and a bite of brioche French toast dipped in warm maple syrup. The result is an enormous and enticing amalgamation that stands out as the brunch menu’s signature gawktail.

“As I walk across the bar with these Big-Ass Bloodys,” says Briggs, “customers’ eyes grow large, and I hear them say to each other, ‘I want one of those.’ That’s why, when I make one, I always prepare to serve a few more.”

As if anyone needed another reason to try one of these devilish drinks, October is National Tomato Month, and National Vodka Day falls on October 4 - which happens to be a Sunday. And whether that’s a coincidence or a sign of something supernatural, Mission Beach’s long-standing watering hole invites you to celebrate with their sizable sanguine libation.

“Come taste the hype for yourself,” says Briggs. “We’ll blow you out of the bloody water!”

Sandbar Sportsbar & Grill
718 Ventura Pl., Mission Beach