San Diego’s favorite bartender(s)


Put your lighters in the air for the ladies of Lancers. When the members of Eating and Drinking in San Diego were asked for their favorite bartenders of the past year, two entries edged up the poll: Chelsea Roop and “all the badass ladies” at Lancers.

A testament to exponential girl power, the votes resounded clearly for these women above the thousands of other bartenders in the city. Offering stand-out service with a side of sass, these ladies have customers singing their praises and coming back for more.

The best part? They love their job.

When asked what the best part of bartending, Chelsea remarked, “I get to host a party every shift. Making sure guests have a great experience is my greatest joy.”

PACIFIC spoke with Chelsea, manager Lisa Johnson and coworker Brittney Thompson to find out their favorite drinks and bartenders, and their ideas of the best and worst customers ever.

How long have you been bartender at Lancers?

CHELSEA: I’ve been bartending for almost 9 years and going on 8 years working at Lancers.

LISA: About 7 years

BRITTNEY: 3 years

Favorite drink/cocktail/beer?

CHELSEA: I’m easy. I’m a beer and shot of fernet kinda gal... but won’t say no to an Old Fashioned either.

LISA: A tequila version of a Jungle Bird with a float of mezcal. Mmmm, mezcal.

BRITTNEY: Gin Gimlets in the summer and Jim Beam Old Fashioneds in the winter. I’ve been known to be swayed in to some fernet shots in between, though.

What’s something funny or unusual about you we don’t know?

CHELSEA: In the fifth grade I received an outstanding achievement award from my D.A.R.E. class for my dedication to abstaining from alcohol and drugs. Nowadays I drink vodka with breakfast more often than I’d like to admit.

LISA: I will probably die trying to pet something I shouldn’t.

BRITTNEY: I currently own four vacuums, one of which is named “Rhonda the Roomba.”

Example of best and worst customer ever?

CHELSEA: The person who asks me to put olives in their cider is the worst. Or people who want pickle-backs. Who hurt you?

LISA: Our regulars are the best until they become the worst, ever.

BRITTNEY: Best: If I could clone my favorite regular, George, I would be the happiest gal in the world. He’s genuine, kind, funny and doesn’t talk too much. Worst: Groups of girls exceeding four.

Your favorite bartender in S.D.?

CHELSEA: Picking one favorite bartender is impossible! It’s a tie between every bartender at Livewire and Small Bar, and Warren from the Ould Sod.

LISA: Chelsea Roop. For real.

BRITTNEY: Lisa from Lancers. She’s been my favorite bartender far before I worked at Lancers and will always have my heart.

Fill in the blank: Dear customer, ____________

CHELSEA: Thank you for mansplaining some cool facts about that beer/cocktail/spirit. My feeble woman brain couldn’t have comprehended all of that information on my own. Just kidding. Eat a big bag of small d**ks.

LISA: Welcome to Lancers. We are happy you found us and hope you have a good time. But please don’t try to change our atmosphere to suit your specific needs. If you want to sing, dance or be an obnoxious tw*t. I have several recommendations where you can best satisfy your needs. Just. Not. Here. Don’t be a d**k.

BRITTNEY: Put your hand down.


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