Ready, Set, Go-Go!


By Alyson Baker/Photos by Brevin Blach
Statuesque bodies may be commonplace in San Diego’s summer clubbing scene, but it takes an extra measure of sweat, discipline and fine-tuning to ascend to the go-go pedestal, where only the tautest abs and most perfect booties make the cut.

Tapping into the diet and fitness routines of a dozen local dancers, it’s clear that sporting one of America’s finest figures requires more than sultry looks and sexy hair whips; it takes extreme athleticism.

Performers at FLUXX nightclub spend evenings spinning in a hoop, executing daringly seductive moves while suspended in mid-air. During Wave House’s Sunday SunDaze events, women dance while clinging to trusses 20 feet above the stage.

While a number of the dancers claim they get all the cardio they need while performing, they all obviously go that extra mile, hitting the gym and eating well to tighten and tone. Here are a few fun tips and quips from these goddesses and gods of go-go, served up with inspirational peeks at their amazing physiques. Bootiful!

“Download a DJ mix, like DJ Cobra, and there’s really no need for the gym. Put that in your iPod or CD player and just dance like no one’s watching for three 20-minute sets. I swear it’s the best cardio workout ever.”

-Fluxx performer Janey Bolina

“Try to avoide the late-night muchies. I just try to go home and drink a glass of nonfat milk to fill up my stomach and fall asleep instead of lying there miserable, like, ‘Gosh, I wish I could have some Mexican food right now.’”

-Voyeur, Intervention Sundays and Wave House performer, Sharla Knight

“If you’re working out and you can carry a conversation, you’re not working hard enough.”

-FLUXX performer Marin Fisher

“FLUXX is more of a gym than anything. Those silks use so much upper body strength. You’re lifting and lowering and want to be slow and sexy, so that requires a lot of strength.”

-FLUXX performer Janey Bolina

“I think every girl’s biggest problem area is probably their lower abs. When I am in my car I always sit up straight and flex my abs, engaging my core no matter what. I’m always conscious of my posture.”

-Voyeur performer Julie Norton

“In the tanning bed, I’ll lay on my back and squeeze my butt and release it the entire 20 minutes I’m in there. I swear it tones you so well back there.”

-Voyeur/Wave House performer Katie Kennedy