Party Time


By Kyle Hall

Just in time for San Diego Beer Week, Happy Hour Timepieces is releasing two new watches with built-in beer-bottle openers.

The “Ish” features rotating dots (in lieu of traditional hands) and a fogged-crystal display, making it difficult to discern the exact time... until the company’s hallowed hour, 5 o’clock, appears under the only portion of the crystal that’s left clear.

“Our whole mantra is, ‘work hard, play hard.’ And at 5 o’clock, it’s time to play,” says Dominic Chenelia, the San Diego company’s founder and CBO (Chief Bottle Opener).

For those eager to count down the minutes to playtime, the company is simultaneously releasing a more functional design called the Lightweight, which has standard hour- and minute-hands, and one exactly number: 5.

“We wanted to come out with a story watch with the Ish, and we also wanted a watch for the everyday guy who wanted a clean look with a classic vibe and open face,” says Chenelia.

Both models are water-resistant to 100 meters and are available in three color profiles, including a matte-black ion plating called “Night Moves” (which will be in short supply among those who imbibe on these guys’ schedule).

Both models are available online (beginning November 1) at; select retailers coming soon.