One Door North gets down to earth


Nature is the muse for One Door North. The food, drinks and décor at the North Park restaurant reflect the same natural appeal as the great outdoors.

With Earth Day coming up, the restaurant and bar wants to keep the nature theme going. Bar manager Elizabeth Farrell showcases her green thumb with two Earth-inspired cocktails suitable for the wave of warmth to come this spring and summer.

Along with mixing drinks, Farrell is a certified herbalist and garden designer who currently works with the restaurant’s garden. Through that relationship she was inspired to create Sangre Flor and Southern Exposure, cocktails that feature two different takes on nature.

Sangre Flor is mixed with blue agave tequila, fresh squeezed blood orange, lemon, honey and Serrano bitters. Yes, that’s right, the spicy Serrano chile pepper (which is noted as being nine-times hotter than a jalapeno). With just enough kick from the Serrano and citrus from the blood orange, this drink is sure to revive.

Southern Exposure contains vodka, tarragon syrup, lime, cucumber and celery bitters. Contrary to the sweet and spicy Sangre Flor, this drink is down to earth, literally. With a combination of herbs and cleansing flavors, Southern Exposure refreshes in the earthiest of ways.

These drinks along with other crafted cocktails and are now available at One Door North.

3422 30th St., North Park, 619.618.1285,