Bartenders head south of the border


This is a cross-border relationship that could topple even the tallest of walls.

On May 22, Adele Stratton and Andrew Cordero of San Diego speakeasy Noble Experiment are traveling south to guest bartend at Nórtico in Tijuana. The talented bartenders will bring their four unique cocktails to the space, which is speakeasy inside Oryx Capital restaurant on Boulevard Agua Caliente.

The special menu, which will be available from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., will offer re-imagined classic cocktails. In the case of a gin martini, it will be called a French 75 and use “gin and dry vermouth that is charged with CO2 and citric acid, and a few drops of champagne vinegar,” according to Stephen Kurpinsky.

Kurpinsky, director of spirits and head bar man at George’s at the Cove in La Jolla, is also the consulting bartender for Nórtico. He helps introduce San Diego talent to the Tijuana cocktail scene in partnership with chef and managing owner of Oryx Capital/Nórtico Ruffo Ibarra.

The cross-border guest bartending at Nórtico has been going on for about four months now with other mixologists including Kurpinsky, David Tye (formerly of Lion’s Share, now with Crap Hut Group) and Eric Long (False Idol). Next months guests have not been selected, but Kurpinsky hopes soon.

Want to know more about Nórtico and the talented head bartender there? Meet Tijuana native Fernando Villalobos, who mixes up a mean cocktail called “Unemployed” at the speakeasy.

Oryx Capital Gastro Pub

Boulevard Agua Caliente, 10750 Interior 84,
Calete, 22020 Tijuana, B.C.