Mixology 619: Tongue Twister


Blue Ocean Robata and Sushi Bar is one of the newest additions to Carlsbad Village, serving up sushi, robata-grilled eats and refreshing cocktails in the bar lounge. This week, we’re taking a look at a sweet-and-sour, refreshing cocktail made at Blue Ocean with Triple Sec, Yuzu, Citron Absolut with a touch of lemon juice, cranberry juice and simple syrup.

Watch as the bartender Ian Porter makes the Tongue Twister.

Did you grow up in San Diego?

I grew up in Leucadia. I worked in many local bars and spent 14 years in L.A. as a bartender in Beverly Hills. Now, I’m glad to be back in San Diego and meeting new people and experiencing the local food and drink scene.

How did you get into bartending?

It just happened. I stared bartending in San Diego many years ago. I met lots of great people and made some fun memories. Like I said, I’ve been away for 14 years and happy to be back.

What cocktail trends are you seeing in San Diego?

For the longest time, vodka was king of the liquors, but now, gin and bourbon seem to be piquing people’s interest. It’s always fun to invite people to try something new.

When you’re not mixing drinks, what are you doing on your spare time?

When I’m not working, I love to cook, try all the great restaurants in S.D., walk on the beach and enjoy every sunset.

Tongue Twister

Price: $10

  • 1.5 oz Citron Absolut
  • .5 oz. Triple Sec
  • .75 oz. Yuzu
  • .75 oz. lemon juice
  • .75 oz. cranberry juice
  • .75 oz. simple syrup
  • Garnish with a lemon twist

What’s the origin of the Tongue Twister?

The origin came to me once when I had an extra Cosmo and Lemon Drop left over and I thought, why not combine them?

How would you describe the taste to someone who hasn’t had this before?

The Tongue Twister has both components of sweet and a bit of sour, and a final sugar kiss from the Demerara sugar on the rim.

What would be the key component in this drink?

I believe the key to this cocktail is the multiple layers of taste. All of the ingredients taste different, but work well together.

What reactions do you get from customers when they try this cocktail for the first time?

When someone first tastes the Tongue Twister, a look of unexpectedness shows up. I love to see that every time!

How does the cranberry and Yuzu contribute to the taste?

The cranberry adds a bit of that sweet bitterness, while the yuzu brings in that super citrus punch.

What are some good dishes to pair this drink with?

I think this drink really pairs well with our citrus and fennel salad, as well as our house favorite spicy garlic edamame.

What kind of experience can someone get at Blue Ocean Robata and Sushi Bar?

When people dine at our restaurant, they’re going to have a full experience of flavor and fun. We have our perfectly grilled robata items, fresh and innovative sushi and sashimi, plus great drinks!

Blue Ocean Robata and Sushi Bar

2958 Madison St., Carlsbad, CA
(760) 434-4959 or

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