Miracle on 30th returns to North Park


The Christmas miracle returns! Kicking off its second year of holiday festivity, Polite Provisions hosts Miracle on 30th, a Christmas pop-up bar guaranteed to get locals in the spirit. Launched Nov. 23 and running through Dec. 24, the annual event known for vintage decor, clever cocktails, and kitschy glassware is shared with prominent bars around America and world, including locations from Los Angeles to London.

We caught up with bartender Elliott Mizuki between shifts to find out more about this year’s Miracle, new goodies to try, and his favorite gift for cocktail lovers.

PACIFIC: How many bars are involved in the Miracle pop-up this year? Is Polite Provisions the only one in San Diego?

ELLIOTT MIZUKI: (Polite Provisions is) one of 82 bars worldwide doing the Miracle popup this year. It’s been growing every year, with last year having 50 bars worldwide. Last year was our first year doing Miracle and are excited to participate again this year being the only bar in San Diego to do it.

What’s old favorites are returning this year?

The Christmapolitan and Snowball Old Fashioned will be making a return this year, which were two of our top sellers from last year. The Chrismapolitan combines vodka, St. Germain, dry vermouth, a house-made spiced cranberry sauce and fresh lime with an absinthe rinse. The Snowball Old Fashioned is a spirit-forward cocktail with bourbon, a house-made gingerbread syrup and wormwood bitters.

What’s new and exciting on the menu this year?

We have nine new cocktails this year. Two of the drinks that will shine are the Partridge In A Pear Tree with reposado tequila, mezcal, pear liqueur, ginger, brown sugar, Peruvian and Angostura bitters. The other one projected to sell well is the Gingerbread Flip with bonded bourbon, East India sherry, housemade gingerbread syrup and a whole egg with nutmeg and cookie crumbs garnish.

Who invents the drinks?

This menu was sent to us through Cocktail Kingdom in New York and every bar puts their own twist on the drinks submitted to us.

Favorite cocktail on the list?

My personal favorite is a holiday inspired Mai Tai called the Yippi Ki Yay Mothef**ker. It combines a sweet potato-infused white rum, overproof rum, Jamaican rum, with marshmallow orgeat, house curacao, and fresh lime. It’s a perfect blend of tropical, rich and earthy. Basically a holiday-tiki wet dream.

Best Christmas present for a cocktail lover?

Oh man. Where to start? I always love when someone gives me a new book. I love to pour myself something neat, sit down, and nerd out on cocktails. I’m currently devouring the Cocktail Codex by Alex Day, Nick Fauchald and Dave Kaplan, which came out last month. It’s a great read that blends spirits history, cocktail knowledge, and ethos when trying to create your own cocktails, as well as many classic cocktail recipes and originals.

Best thing about the holidays in San Diego?

As cliché as this sounds, going to the beach and watching the sunset has been a holiday tradition for me. It’s 70 and sunny on Dec. 25? Why not grab yourself the best box of wine that Wal-Mart or your local liquor store offers and enjoy that sunset with a friend — remember no glass on the beach. San Diego is a magical and unconventional city with lots of transplants from all over the world, everyone has their own traditions and beliefs, but it’s also a tight-knit community, and this community loves the beach.

Festive glassware will also be on sale during the event with 10% of sales going to Action Against Hunger. To view other locations around the world, visit

Miracle on 30th Street

When: 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday through Sunday

Where: Polite Provision, 4696 30th St., North Park

More info: 619.269.4701 or