License to Chill

By Ron Donoho

“Skyfall,” the 23rd James Bond flick to hit the silver screen, represents the 50th anniversary of the spy film franchise and the third time Daniel Craig has taken on the role of Agent 007. It may be time to celebrate with a cold cocktail - “shaken, not stirred.”

Ian Fleming wrote those historic words in his first Bond novel, Casino Royal, in 1953. More than half a century and six leading men later, Craig repeats Fleming’s original recipe for the “Vesper” martini in
“Casino Royale,” the movie (2006):
”...three measures of Gordon’s [gin],
one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet.
Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel.”

Later in the movie, after Craig’s Bond has bet and lost millions of dollars, a bartender asks if he’d like his martini shaken or stirred. A pissed-off Bond replies: “Do I look like I give a damn?”

Like your drink a particular way? Whether or not you drive an Aston Martin, pack heat (preferably a Walther PPK) or are an international man or woman of mystery, here (opposite page) are double-oh-seven sky-high places in San Diego where ordering a martini can bring out your inner Bond before “Skyfall” hits theaters November 9.

Altitude Sky Bar
Down a Skyy vodka martini 22 stories atop the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter. Imagine zip-lining into nearly Petco Park to foil villains dressed as Los Angeles Dodgers fans.

660 K St., Gaslamp

Bertrand at Mr. A’s
Watch planes land at nearby Lindbergh Field (one is carrying your top secret contact) as you take healthy swigs from an extra dry Bombay Sapphire martini.

2550 5th Ave. #12, Park West

Gaze out from the 11th floor of Hotel La Jolla and imagine Halle Berry exiting the Pacific, while you try not to spill a Plymouth gin martini with orange bitters.

7955 La Jolla Shores Dr., La Jolla

Ivy Rooftop
Lounge by the fire pit atop the Andaz Hotel and stay cool while ladies in low-cut dresses check you out as they sip “Cougar” martinis (Grey Goose Pear).

600 F St., Downtown

Martini’s Above Fourth
Go way undercover in Hillcrest and opt for an “Above Fourth” martini (Hangar One Mandarin, Pama Liqueur).

3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest

SummerSalt Rooftop Bar
They serve a Vesper on the outdoor deck of downtown’s Hotel Palomar. Get in character (“Bond...James Bond”) with Beefeater gin, Smirnoff vodka and Lillet Blanc.

1047 5th Ave., Downtown

Top of the Hyatt
Share a wink and a romantic view of San Diego Bay with a dry Chopin martini for him, and a Black
martini (Absolut Vanilla, Kahlua, espresso, whipped cream and a chocolate stick) for her.

1 Market Pl., Downtown

Roll Call

A look at 50 years of on-screen bondage

1. “Dr. No,” 1962, Sean Connery
2. “From Russia With Love,” 1963, Sean Connery
3. “Goldfinger,” 1964, Sean Connery
4. “Thunderball,” 1965, Sean Connery
5. “You Only Live Twice,” 1967, Sean Connery
6. “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” 1969, George Lazenby
7. “Diamonds Are Forever,” 1971, Sean Connery
8. “Live and Let Die,” 1973, Roger Moore
9. “The Man with the Golden Gun,” 1974, Roger Moore
10. “The Spy Who Loved Me,” 1977, Roger Moore
11. “Moonraker,” 1979, Roger Moore
12. “For Your Eyes Only,” 1981, Roger Moore
13. “Octopussy,” 1983, Roger Moore
14. “A View to a Kill,” 1985, Roger Moore
15. “The Living Daylights,” 1987, Timothy Dalton
16. “License to Kill,” 1989, Timothy Dalton
17. “GoldenEye,” 1995, Pierce Brosnan
18. “Tomorrow Never Dies,” 1997, Pierce Brosnan
19. “The World Is Not Enough,” 1999, Pierce Brosnan
20. “Die Another Day,” 2002, Pierce Brosnan
21. “Casino Royale,” 2006, Daniel Craig
22. “Quantum of Solace,” 2008, Daniel Craig
23. “Skyfall,” 2012, Daniel Craig