Craft beer: the drink of choice at KAABOO?


While cocktails are ever-present at KAABOO Del Mar, they are outnumbered by one special elixir: craft beer.

At this point, it’s a festival-must in San Diego.

Looking around the fairgrounds, not only is high-quality beer the drink of choice for the masses, it is what is being most sold, according to several of the event vendors.

Sierra Nevada is the big “kahuna” of the craft beer scene at KAABOO, being the official beer sponsor of the event. The Sierra Nevada hut-like-tent features a variety of educational information about how hops are sourced, what each beer is made of and why their beer is so unique. In the same area, you can find a multitude of free gear to keep, like Sierra Nevada keychains, chapstick, coasters and posters.

The area - built of wood and decorated with real hops - also boasts a recreational space where guests can battle it out in Rock Band and Guitar Hero. As if this wasn’t enough for all you beer nerds, you can actually gulp down their brewed concoctions as well. With 10 styles of beer on site, they definitely have a say in what we’re drinking over the next three days.

But don’t fret - our local guys are not being left out of the equation by any means.

More than 15 different local breweries are in attendance, giving us tastes of our favorites, including Societe, Pizza Port, Alesmith, Green Flash, Half Door, Modern Times, Alpine, Mike Hess, Belching Beaver, Fall and Culture Brewing. All that can be consumed at the crafty beer garden and at various craft beer tents scattered throughout the festival.

Cheers to that!

Source: DiscoverSD