A drinking strategy for long, warm days


Living in our glorious climate and near beautiful beaches intrinsically dictates summer house parties, grill-outs, outdoor games, and day drinking.

Extended runs at imbibing can create an alcohol roller coaster of highs and lows if not handled with a seasoned touch. Check out these five tips for keeping your makeup in check, your hat on straight, your words comprehensible, and your facial muscles properly functioning.

1. Stick to clear liquids

Save those whiskey cocktails and various bomb shots for later in the evening. Thick liqueurs and brown spirits contain a lot of sugar, which will lead to headaches and quicker fatigue (read longevity crushed). Go for vodka, gin, silver tequila, or silver rum based cocktails, although I suggest caution with tequila, which seems to inevitably make someone angry and/or excruciatingly obnoxious after a few drinks. Support our local distilleries this summer by choosing Cutwater Spirits Fugu vodka or Three-Sheets rum, Old Harbor San Miguel gin, Malahat silver or ginger rum (good for the tummy), and Kill Devil Rx vodka and Valor gin. I suggest starting out your festivities with a refreshing Moscow mule, mojito, or vodka-ginger lemonade then switch over to the next item on our tip list.

2. Keep the alcohol content low (for pacing)

Noon is not the time to pull out your 12 percent bourbon barrel-aged chocolate imperial stout or your 15 percent Napa cab. Save that for the sunset and aim for pacing yourself for the day. On the wine side, opt for dry German rieslings (pick dry to avoid the sugar rushes, crashes and headaches), dry roses or a fun effervescent vinho verde. For craft beer, look for lagers and session beers to keep you in the party mood and in control. We are blessed in our brewing mecca to have a plethora of choices. For you hopheads, try Stone Go To IPA, Green Flash Mosaic Session IPA, or Ballast Point Even Keel, all under 5 percent alcohol by volume.

3. Don’t be afraid to ice that wine

Few things are more draining to a good time than the sloppy wine drunk slobbering, falling and kissing on everyone (or fighting with the air). You know that walking party-foul. While considered passe to some and tantamount to treason to purists, putting ice in wine is really just fine when you are in a long-haul day party situation. In hot weather, ice chills, quenches thirst, and hydrates the body during extended sessions of bottle popping. Trust me on this one, it will change the way you drink this summer.

4. Eat

So this isn’t technically a drinking tip, but few things are more important. Don’t be that person puking in the bushes and exclaiming through heaves, “I forgot to eat!” Girls, I know you want to look slim and trim in your bikini, but it’s truly not worth the cruel punishment of vomit and the world’s worst hangover. I’ll say it again, EAT.

5. Always, always, always call a cab, Uber, Lyft, or designate a driver

Day drinking leads to dangerously deceptive frames of minds in partiers. People imbibing all day tend to plateau and erroneously utter, “I’m fine to drive!” Make a deal with all of your fellow day drinkers to rideshare, take mass transit, or better yet, party within walking distance of your house. Just don’t be “those people” on your walk home, convinced everyone wants to hear your earth-shattering opinion on the Chargers or your flawless rendition of Taylor Swift’s latest song. Spare us.

With 18 years in the restaurant and beverage industry and more than 850 reviews under her belt, Laurie Delk is a one-stop guide to all things craft beer, wine and spirits. You can follow Delk on Twitter @100beers30days or Instagram @sandiegobeer. Send ideas for featured drinks to

Source: DiscoverSD