Jelly Belly creator releases cannabis-infused jelly beans

Jelly Belly has started a company to sell CBD-infused jelly beans.
(stephenkirsh / Getty Images/iStockphoto)

From candy to cannabis, David Klein has always been an innovator.

The creator of Jelly Belly recently started a company to sell CBD-infused jelly beans.

Klein, a renowned candy inventor, started Jelly Belly in 1976 and has continued making new treats through the years even after selling the world famous jelly bean company in 1980.

His concoction is infused with cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, which is a trendy compound extracted from cannabis that’s said to have health benefits like easing anxiety and pain without the psychoactive component of THC that is present in marijuana.

In this Oct. 12, 2011 photo, David Klein, a man who invented the Jelly Belly, poses for photos in Covina, Calif.

His new brand, Spectrum Confections, has seen so much success selling the jelly beans that it is currently only accepting wholesale orders from people who supply their own CBD for the process.

Klein has a patent-pending process for infusing the CBD into the beans. Afterward, they are sanded with sugar because “CBD isn’t always the best taste” and the coating is an easy way to mask it.

The jelly beans come in 38 different flavors, including toasted marshmallow, pina colada, strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon and mango, Klein told Cannabis Aficionado.

The Spectrum jelly beans will come in sweet, sour and sugar-free varieties.

For now, the company accepts a minimum order of 8,000 pieces and a maximum of 32,000 pieces. Prices are not available on Spectrum Confections’ website until a customer sets up an account.

The company’s online store is currently out of stock, but interested customers can fill out a contact form for more information or to make a request.