You Go, Girl


Photo: Charles Ashton
Words: Patricia B. Dwyer

Ask Joan Rivers-every girl needs to get a little work done sometimes. And Whiskey Girl is no exception. The popular, everyone’s-welcome Gaslamp bar/nightclub, which has been sitting pretty at 600 Fifth Avenue since it opened seven years ago, is moving to a new location a block away. Despite the facelift, this chick will remain recognizable. “I think it’s good to keep the same general concept,” says co-owner David Schiffman. “There’s no reason to change it, because it’s doing so well.” Say “hello” to Whiskey Girl at her new home on the former site of Trattoria La Strada when she opens her doors mid-January. Tell her she looks beautiful...but maybe don’t mention the makeover.

Whiskey Girl
702 Fifth Ave., Gaslamp