West Coast Basketpong Tournament Hits PB

The time has come to put your drinking game skills to the test. Basketpong is a new party game that combines beer pong with basketball, and the West Coast Basketpong Tournament is taking place this Sunday, Oct. 14 at Pacific Beach Bar & Grill.

Beer pong is a cherished college pastime at universities across the country, and basketball remains one of America’s favorite sports. Now, Basketpong is what happens when you flip the table and bring a new vertical dimension to the game. The official Basketpong vertical backboard attaches to a pole standing 6 feet high, and has eight slots to insert rims and solo cups in different patterns (standard pyramid, upside down pyramid, etc.). Step back 8 feet with the Basketpong ball, and aim for nothing but net.

The first-ever West Coast Basketpong Tournament is a free event open to skilled pros in the competitive beer pong community, as well as new amateur fans fueled by liquid confidence. The tournament format will be standard double elimination, and winners will be hooked up with $500 in cash and prizes. Finally, all those late night beer pong games at SDSU are paying off. Mom and dad will be so proud!

West Coast Basketpong Tournament Prizes

1st Place - 2 BasketPong games ($200 Value) + $50 cash

2nd Place - 1 BasketPong game ($100 Value) + $30 cash

3rd Place - 1 BasketPong game ($100 Value) + $20 cash

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Pacific Beach Bar & Grill is located at 860 Garnet Ave. -

Source: DiscoverSD