The Casbah suffers a tremendous loss


One of the founding partners of the Casbah (open since ‘89) is Bob Bennett.

In addition to being part-owner, Bob bartended every Friday in the back bar for many years.

Unforgettable for his laidback attitude and hearty laugh, Bob -- affectionately known as “Uncle Bob” -- was always quick to share a good story or two.

Sadly, Bennett passed away this week.

His business partner, Tim Mays, posted the following tribute on the Casbah facebook page:

Casbah lost one of its own last night - Bob Bennett passed away. Bob has been there from the beginning, going back to the Pink Panther days in late 80’s.

It’s so sad to think that he won’t be around any longer, pulling me aside to suggest things for the club, making a snarky comment about a band or person at the club.

Even though Bob hasn’t officially been working at the club as back bartender supreme for a few years, he always held court back there.. We had a great many good times over the years.

When I first met Bob in early 80’s at Spirit Club, he was hands down the coolest guy I knew - he was the sharpest dresser, had a really cool apt on 6th Ave, drove a ’59 turquoise Thunderbird, and also owned a really cool vintage furniture/clothing store.

He became my mentor and we spent much time together before we got the idea to open a bar in 1986.

From that time on we worked together on nearly a daily basis, through thick and thin.

I will miss him dearly and can only think that he is in a better place now.

Mays told SoundDiego that there will be a public memorial service at some point soon, most likely at the Casbah.

Source: DiscoverSD