Super Sonic

By Seth Combs
Photo by Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan

(Published in the October 2010 issue)

Sean “Sonic” Leckie’s bartending resume includes

prominent local hotspots: the W Hotel’s Beach,

Onyx Room, Vin de Syrah and even Petco Park.

Nowadays, he slings drinks at Basic Urban

Kitchen & Bar in East Village, and he’ll soon be pouring

at Basic’s new sister spot, URBN Coal Fired Pizza and

Bar in North Park. Yet, despite all the public face-time

from his bar gigs, it’s Sonic’s voice that people most often

recognize. That’s because when he isn’t behind the bar,

he’s a weekend deejay and producer at Channel 933

FM-and he used to be the sidekick on the radio station’s

highly rated morning show, AJ’s Playhouse, where he was

known for his song parodies and quick wit.

During a rare occasion when he’s off-air and isn’t on-

tap, Sonic dishes on his radio gig, the time he insulted

Green Day and why men should never ask him to make

his specialty cocktail.

PacificSD: So, how does a bartender land a job on the radio?

Sonic: Hard work. I started as an intern when I was going

to school and moved up within four years, after working

at other stations like KGB. Now, I’m a morning show

producer and deejaying on the air on weekends at 933.

What’s your specialty cocktail?
I can make a mean mojito. Besides

that, when a dude comes in says, “What

can you make that’s good?” I just make

them something really jacked up, like gin

with Red Bull and cream.


[Laughs] It’s disgusting, man! They

pretend to like it because they don’t want

to insult you. For girls, it’s all right to do

that, but a man should know his drink.

Most embarrassing bartending moment?
Oh, man, one time I was doing this trick

where I squeeze the lime in the drink,

throw it behind my back, and it comes

back around and I catch it in the glass.

I was showing off for these girls and I

flicked the lime right into my eye-it was

watering uncontrollably and turning red.


Yeah, that’s what they said. The girls

were like, “niiiice.”

Favorite hangover recovery spots: “Oh, the Hash House [in Hillcrest]

for sure. you can get the ‘Hair of the Dog,’ which is a really big Bloody

Mary and a ton of food. I always get the fried chicken.”
Preferred late-night nosh: “I’m not trying to drop a plug, but Basic is

serving pizza til 1:45, and they’re right by my house.”
Celebrity customers: “This one guy came in, and I was making fun of

his tie-until my buddy told me, ‘Hey man, that’s the guy from Green

Day [ Billie Joe Armstrong ].’”
Biggest Tip: “A couple hundred bucks? I can’t remember, or maybe I

just don’t deserve one. When you serve gin with Red Bull and cream,

you might not get a big tip.”