Skirting the Issue

By Ben Eisenstein
Photos by Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan

For Kris Denton, tending bar at the Tilted Kilt in East Village presents a unique challenge.

“We sometimes have a bit of a problem with the ladies that come in here,” says Denton, who’s come a long way from his three-stoplight hometown of Nevada City, Nevada.

“They drink their wine and martinis and get wild with us guys, trying to flip up our kilts.”

The Tilted Kilt team stays true to its namesake. All staff sport traditional Irish kilts, but as good as the guys look in their outfits, it’s the TK Girls (picture mini-kilts, maxi-cleavage and midriffs, even in winter) that are the sports bar’s main attraction.

So, with the TK Girls drawing crowds, are the Kilt’s gent customers on their best behavior?

“Guys, for the most part, are content to drink and stare,” says Denton. “It’s the girls that like to come in and get frisky.”

Denton is no stranger to a plum gig. Pre-Kilt and before he settled in America’s Finest City, his bartending career took him to the Caribbean Islands, New York City and Hawaii.

Now residing in Bankers Hill just north of downtown, he enjoys taking his dog, Chester, to Ocean Beach in his free time.

“He’s a Lab-Corgi mix,” Denton says. “A big dog on midget legs.”

Speaking of legs, Denton shows his gams while he’s at work, which begs the question: Boxers or briefs? Ladies, even if you’re dying to know, no mirrors on the tops of your shoes, please. What happens under the kilt should probably stay there.