Round Too

You can’t beat the convenience of a smartphone packed with MP3s, but there’s nothing quite like the rich sound of vinyl. Video may have killed the radio star, but real records are are still kicking musical ass after all these years.

The Vinyl Room

Tucked into the corner of an un-fancy strip mall near the Sports Arena, The Vinyl Room has been buying up record collections all over the West Coast. Every genre know to man can be found here - they even have a few vinyl copies of “Mickie Finn’s: America’s #1 Speakeasy,” a long-lost vaudevillian remnant harking back to a 1960s nightclub in Hillcrest. Peruse the bins and head home with some real gems.

3333 Midway Dr., Ste. 105, Sports Arena

Groovy Records

If you have questions about rare and hard-to-find records, Steve Kader’s your guy. The former frontman for Ska band Gangbusters, record store clerk, promoter, manager, DJ and talent buyer for several S.D. clubs over the years opened a record store in late-June, and it’s stocked with a lot of vinyl from his personal library. To buy, sell or trade used and collectible LPs, 45s and more, check out Groovy Records in Hillcrest.

3749 Park Blvd., Hillcrest