Ty Segall kicks off tour in San Diego

Ty Segall heads to San Diego this week and he’s ready to double down. The prolific singer/songwriter/producer/garage rocker not only kicks off his brand-new, 29-date world tour at the Belly Up Tavern on Friday - it’s also the day his new, self-titled album is released.

While the new record will officially go down as his ninth studio set, it’s hard to put an exact number on all of Segall’s offerings. The 29-year-old multi-instrumentalist has been a part of releases with Fuzz, Gøggs, Mikal Cronin, White Fence, The Traditional Fools, and his own Ty Segall Band, as well as cranking out a load of singles, EPs and compilation appearances.

To make the waters even murkier, Friday’s self-titled collection brings things full circle to Segall’s 2008 debut - also self-titled. Does that mean the L.A.-based rocker is going back to his beginnings? Hitting the reset button?

The short answer: no.

Recorded with a full band of frequent collaborators (Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart, Emmett Kelly and Ben Boye), 2017’s “Ty Segall” stands on its own.


When: 9 p.m. Jan. 27

Where: Belly Up Tavern, 143 S. Cedros Ave., Solana Beach

Cost: Sold out


Trying to simplify or logically connect a career like Segall’s is a futile task. But in the way that last year’s “Emotional Mugger” album took the more nuanced approach of 2014’s “Manipulator” LP and turned it inside out, “Ty Segall” continues to honor the musician’s long-running tradition of refusing to stand pat.

And perhaps more than any other of his albums, “Ty Segall” is a surprisingly cohesive sum of all the twisted and turning parts that have defined him throughout his career.

Album opener and straightforward head banger “Break A Guitar” is bookended by closer “Take Care (To Comb Your Hair),” a mid-tempo chugger that seamlessly blends acoustic and electric guitars for the sunny feel of a glam-drenched ‘70s single.

Between them are songs such as the relentless driving perfection of “The Only One,” which joyfully channels The Beatles and Black Sabbath in equal measure, and the 10-plus-minute opus, “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned),” which transforms from acoustic romp to punk rock freak-out to spaced-out psych jam and back again.

Segall, in short, is continuing to do what he’s always done - whatever he feels like doing. In this case, it’s helped him to create an incredibly diverse, accessible and perfectly sequenced representation of who he is an artist.

The songs on “Ty Segall” will fit nicely into his set list as well, and seemingly give the already wide-open artist even more freedom on stage to get both wild and creative.

Segall was here at the end of last year for an intimate solo performance at The Hideout. But before that, he brought his “Emotional Mugger” tour to the Belly Up Tavern. He wore a baby mask, surfed the crowd, and rocked hard.

With the varied range of high-octane songs from the new album sure to make appearances, Friday night in Solana Beach has the potential to be Segall’s best area appearance yet.

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