Requiem for a Scream


Photos by Kate and Michael Auda
A Boston native with a deep passion for music, Jake Gomes is this Music Issue’s official Bartender of the Month. He moved to San Diego two years ago and has since been pouring drinks and overseeing the rockin’ scene at downtown’s casual live music joint, Tin Roof. In short, dude’s in-tune with his job.

PacificSD: What’s your musical history?
JAKE GOMES: I’ve been in multiple bands before. I began screaming in post hardcore bands, then began singing. Then I picked up bass and keys, but I’m not in a band currently.

What’s your favorite genre of music?
My favorite genre is post hardcore or any emotionally driven songs or artists that combine singing and screaming.

As a musician, what would be your dream come true?
To go on a world tour.

What Tin Roof concert has been your favorite so far?
We had Story of the Year. My old teenage angst was going through the roof.

What big-name group or artist would you love to see perform at the Tin Roof?
I would kill to see Pierce The Veil at Tin Roof.

Favorite three albums of all time?
Plagues by The Devil Wears Prada; Rise or Die Trying by Four Year Strong; 21 by Adele.

To what musician, living or dead, do you feel the strongest connection?
Jason Aalon Butler of Letlive. He’s a rad dude who loves going absolutely bananas during his sets.

Have you always wanted to be a bartender?
My career path went from bounty hunter to physical therapist to public health professional before I ended up in the hospitality industry.

How do you spend your time when you’re not working?
I’m an avid hiker, I work out quite a bit and I practice singing and keys.

Got any hidden talents?
I can spit gum really far in the air and catch it back in my mouth. Weird, I know.

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Oprah’s pretty dope.

What’s something about you that surprises people?
I played rugby for two years in college. And my age; people always assume I’m way older. I look old as dirt.

What’s the best time to come visit you at Tin Roof?
Come see me Thursday through Monday. We’ve got five-dollar Jameson and Fireball, and live music every night.

Tin Roof
401 G St., Gaslamp