Rad Hair Day

By Dave Good
Photo by Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan

(Published in the January 2011 issue)

Kelly Sharbaugh thinks her blond dreads may have been the ticket that got her a free trip to Samoa in 2009. Once on the island, she joined the Galu tribe on the long-running reality show Survivor-she lasted 24 out of 39 days.

People Magazine’s TV Watch says Sharbaugh was “shocked and dumbfounded” to be, as they say, “voted off the island.” Banished from her tribe, she returned home to West Hollywood (where she lived at the time) some 14 pounds lighter.

“You just didn’t really eat. Period. Well, you could eat weird sh!t, or just not eat”

When she moved to California from her native Delaware, the hairdresser-turned-mixologist wasn’t into sporting blond Barbie look that has infiltrated the West Coast.

“I wanted something different,” she says. Despite appearances, however, this is no Rasta chick. “I definitely wear lots of makeup and dress girly.”

These days, Sharbaugh, 26, is on a different kind of adventure, doing a whole lot better than just surviving behind the bar at Quality Social in East Village, where she’s worked since the place opened in March.

“Right now, I’m enjoying the freedom and the lifestyle bartending gives me, and being able to travel whenever I want,” she says. “I meet a lot of interesting people. For the foreseeable future, this is where I’ll be.”

Given how her regulars flock to Quality Social when she’s behind the bar, it seems that Sharbaugh won’t be voted off this gig any time soon.

Cures What Ails Ya’

Using locally-sourced ingredients, Quality Social cures all of their own charcuterie in-house. (They even make their own ketchup and mustard.) Nonbelievers are encouraged to check out the on-site meat-locker and consider the fact that the bar’s phone number is 619.501.PORK.

Quality Social (A Bar. With Food.)
789 6th Avenue, Downtown, 619.501.7675,