Passing the Bucks

By Allie Daugherty / Photo by Kristina Moto

Valerie Garza had a case of the Mondays.

“You have to do a lot more work for not as much money, typically,” says the 30-year-old bartender at McGregor’s Grill & Ale House, a neighborhood saloon just east of Qualcomm Stadium.

To motivate herself during otherwise sluggish early-week shifts, Garza decided to donate all of her Monday tips to charity. Her campaign of caring began in February, when she raised $650 for epilepsy research.

Since then, the Monday booties have grown each month, accounting for a total take of nearly $5,000 by the end of June.

These days at McGregor’s, the beginning of the week at is anything but weak. Garza has lured new customers and made Monday diners out of the regulars, which means even bigger tips for the causes she picks out of a hat each month.

“I think it’s awesome, especially in this economy, that so many people are willing to help me do it,” she says. “It reaffirms my belief that, if you put good in, you get good out.”

Talk about a generous pour.

Town Haul

Valerie Garza’s charitable donations from her Monday shift bar tips

February: $650 to the Epilepsy Foundation

March: $850 total - $700 to Keep a Breast Foundation, $150 to Susan G. Komen

April: $800 to Muscular Dystrophy Association

May: $1,037 to Operation Caregiver

June: $1,225 to Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group

Total: $4,562

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