Outpouring of Support


By Brandon Hernandez / Photos by Paul Body

There’s a sexy new bartender in town. Get a sneak peak at a mirror near you, and then head over to Pike’s place.

Tired of jockeying for position on the customer side of a crowded bar, Dave Pike decided to take matters into his own hands, and those of his customers, at the new Barrel Republic in Pacific Beach.

“Having the freedom to pour and taste at my leisure is more my style,” says Pike. “And based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, it’s our customers’ style, too.”

Pike is the owner and innovator behind the new beer bar taking over the space formerly occupied by Brewley’s Pint on Garnet Avenue. Barrel Republic is a self-serve spot, where patrons wearing drink-tracking radio frequency ID bracelets choose their own beerventures by pulling on 44 taps of draft craft, most of which pour celebrated varieties from San Diego’s esteemed cadre of fermentation specialists.

When the sudscapade comes to a close, simply swap the bracelet for a credit card receipt.

But what if you’re new to brew, and such a vast variety is intimidating? No problem. In addition to all those taps (and a 151-inch TV), Barrel Republic’s amenities include an expert staff.

“Every member of our staff is a Cicerone-certified beer server, so they can guide our guests with everything from beer choices to pouring techniques and food pairing,” Pike says.
To thine own self be brew!

“Having the freedom to pour and taste at my leisure is more my style.”