Out For A Spin


By Ida Rosenberg
Photo by James Norton

(Published in the February 2011 issue)

By day, Jason Guillory is the marketing and entertainment director for two popular bar/restaurant/nightclubs, The Fleetwood in the East Village and The Beachwood in Pacific Beach. That’s his new gig.

After work, when the sun goes down, Guillory transforms into DJ G-Roy to do what he’s done for more than a decade-work the dance floor with a hybrid of house music and hip-hop.

“Wu Tang was a big influence early on,” G-Roy says. “I also really like the Beastie Boys’ old stuff. The Chemical Brothers helped get me into DJing and electronic music, but I love finding new groups, too. F#ck, if Coachella was around when I was younger, I would have had a front row seat.”

PacificSD: Where are you from?

G-Roy: Born in Dallas, lived in Sacramento, grew up in Seattle and have resided in San Diego for 14 years.

Who’s the best DJ on the planet?

G-Roy: DJ AM was the best DJ, ever.

Do you tear it up on the dance floor?

G-Roy: I dance like a raver brat from 1998 having too much fun.

Do you play musical instruments other than the turntables?

G-Roy: I can play the piano very well.

Would you be mine?

G-Roy: My Valentine is Ashley, who supports me more than anyone and gives up a lot for me to have my dream career.

G-Roy’s February Club Nights

2/3: Bar West, Pacific Beach
2/4: The FleetWood with DJ Devoy, East Village
2/5: Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, Gaslamp
2/11: Chateaux, Orange County
2/12: Se Hotel, Gaslamp
2/17: Ivy Nightclub, Gaslamp
2/18: Fluxx, Gaslamp
2/19: Bar West, Pacific Beach
2/26: Basic, East Village
2/28: Tabu, Las Vegas

The FleetWood
639 J Street, East Village

The BeachWood
4190 Mission Blvd, Pacific Beach