Out For A Spin

By Kelly Cisek
Photos by Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan

Rocking two turntables wasn’t enough of a challenge for DJs Scooter and Lavelle.

So, the duo joined forces more than a decade ago to create their own 2x4 format, in which two DJs work four decks (aka turntables, in case you haven’t been out in awhile), allowing for a slicker, sicker sound and unprecedented live remixes and mash-ups.

For example, Lavelle might play an obscure electronic or house track, to which Scooter adds a popular vocal track to make the mix relevant to a crowd.

“I play the instrumentals of songs, and Scooter laces the instrumentals with loops and vocals-the icing on the cake,” says Lavelle. “Everyone goes nuts. We have people coming up asking for the remix, but we have to tell them, ‘Sorry dude, what you just heard was live.”

The 2x4 concept is going strong at clubs around town. Stingaree’s new Guest House venue will feature the double-DJ format Monday nights, with Scooter and Lavelle spinning the first Monday of each month.

“It’s great to do your own thing,” Scooter says, “but it’s really interesting to play off somebody
else. Lavelle really puts in the main music and I kind of accent what he does (with vocals and turntablism). Together, we create one sound. It’s a really cool thing.”

Lavelle says only DJs who know each other incredibly well can successfully handle the 2x4 format.

“It’s a thin line you have to walk to always have three to four tables going,” he says. “Basically, I am the band, Scooter is the vocals. We both have a specific job to do, and it takes a lot of trust.”

Other 2x4 duos spinning at Guest House Monday nights include DJs Schoeny and Kevin Brown, and DJs Theron and Devoy.

Scooter and Lavelle also spin at FLUXX and Ivy Rooftop at Andaz San Diego in the Gaslamp.,,

DJ Lavelle Dupree
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current Jam: Til Death by Wynter Gordon
Drink: The Kobe Bryant (vodka and water on the rocks)
Favorite Club: Volume, Seoul, South Korea

DJ Scooter (Gerald Raymond Fulton)
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Current Jam: Scooter and Lavell e’s remix of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
Drink: Skinny Bitch (Diet Coke and Stoli Vanilla)
Favorite Club: Haze at the Aria Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas