Many Moons


By Ron Donoho / Photos by Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan

It seems so long ago that San Diego Hardware Company abandoned the Gaslamp location where it first opened shop in 1892. Since then, Cremolose, a European bakery/breakfast restaurant, has come and gone from the same site.

Today, a rustic, biker-themed sports bar called Lucky Bastard Saloon calls the historic space home... and it seems to be kicking ass.

As for what’s been drawing a crowd to the new venue, says owner/manager Nicole Dahm, “It’s probably the 30 girls we have in chaps... and the 70-inch TVs.”

Dahm, one of three triplets named Playboy Playmates in December 1998, leads the Lucky Bastard crew of body-confident bartenders and servers, who do their jobs in ass-less chaps (in case the photo left any confusion).

When the bar’s pending entertainment license is finally issued, and the wait-staff is thereby allowed to perform choreography on the bar, Dahm intends to join the dance-line.

“It only takes a couple cocktails,” she says. In the meantime, drink in the surroundings at Lucky Bastard Saloon, where it’s sure to be a Merry Christmass.

Smart Ass

Brilliant things to say when hanging out at Lucky Bastard Saloon

No ifs, and or butts. Okay, maybe some butts.
Another drink? Butt, of course.
I want to get left behind... third from the left, actually.
I’m so bummed (works best with British accent).
I can’t wait to get to the bottom of this drink.
Nothing butt the truth (ideal for lawyers on lunch break).
May I ass you a stupid question?