Jagged Little Swill

By Juan Yossarian / Photos by Sara Norris

After almost a year of warlocking their way towards the perfect recipes, the local trio behind Rx Bitters Co. are running a Kickstarter campaign to help get their secret sauces off the ground and into your gullet. With various levels of backing available, a donation as little as $20 is good enough for an initial-run bottle of their not-so-sweet stuff.

Taking a brief respite from checking their funding levels, founders Ryan Andrews from Little Italy’s Craft, Brett Winfield of Seven Grand in North Park and Eric Lockridge from Little Italy’s Prepkitchen ignored boring details relating to production schedules to discuss way more important stuff like how bar patrons can impress them and who lives on a couch.

What three cocktails would benefit most from each of your three varieties?

“A simple, yet complex and refreshing classic Tom Collins with our Cherry Apple Bitters.”


“I would have to stay with the tried and true Old Fashioned Cocktail made with a good, high-proof rye whiskey, a Demerara sugar cube and Rx Bitters Co. Aromatic #7 Bitters.”


“A Bees Knees with Bols Genever, fresh lemon juice, honey simple syrup and Rx Sarsaparilla Bitters.”

Aside from the obvious Rx contingent, what does your home bar look like?

“Mainly wine, home-brewed beer and empty Fernet bottles.”


“I’ve got a shit-ton [standard unit of measurement for a bartender’s allotment of booze] of bottles at my place. It literally takes over the bar I build, half of the kitchen table and the top of the fridge. I’d say it’s about 150 bottles, mostly whiskey.”


“An empty bottle of Rittenhouse Rye and a half-bottle of Campari.”

Who’s the bitterest of the three of you?

“Eric... He lives on a couch.”


“Considering that Eric has been sleeping on a couch for the last few months, I would have to give him the title of the Bitterest Man in Bitters.”

The Bitterest Man in Bitters:

“Ryan, he doesn’t get enough ketchup or vodka in his diet,”

Complete these sentences:

I might lose respect for you if you order...

“A ‘high-end’ or ‘top-shelf’ whiskey, then ask for it with Coke... because you are, as my girlfriend’s father would say, a ‘ra-tard.’”


“Insert any energy drink and spirit name here. If you haven’t figured out that these two things shouldn’t go together, then you may be a lost cause.”


“A chilled shot of top-shelf tequila with salt and lime.”

We’ll likely be the best of friends if you order...

“A Fernet, neat.”


“A Bowmore 12-year or an Auchentoshan Three Wood.”


“Anything with Cynar.”

Kickstarter funding ends soon, so head to to get in on the ground-floor.