It’s summer, so drink up


Whether you are surfing, biking, hiking, walking on the beach or lying out in the sun (hey, it’s hard work applying all that suntan oil and dipping your toes in the water!) you are surely working up a sweat, and deserve a refreshing cocktail to slake your hard-earned thirst.

So stop the panting, wipe the sweat from your brow, and head over to any of these San Diego hotspots for a cocktail that will have your spirits rejuvenated and your parched throat soothed. You’ll be ready to bop back over to your towel for sunset in no time.

Bottega Americano: Imagine splashing around the Trevi Fountain while drinking this namesake cocktail

with my favorite Italian aperitivo Aperol, prosecco, club soda, orange, and seasonal fruit. Or stargaze in your brain with Galileo’s Cup, made with Flor De Caña seven-year rum, pressed lime, hibiscus-honey tea and fresh ginger. Viva Italia!

Rare Form and Fairweather: Downstairs try the twist on a gin and tonic, The Basil G&T, with Basil Eau de Vie, gin, and Stone Brewing Bitter Tonic. Feel on top of the world with the King Bee, with gin, Basil Eau De Vie, fresh lime, honey and a pinch of salt. Imagine alpine breezes caressing your face with the Alpaca Punch with pisco, grapefruit cordial, fresh lemon, and arak. Upstairs at Fairweather, don’t miss the Mojito Caballito, with a proprietary rum blend, vermouth, lime, and mint. Mariachi band not included.

Lion’s Share: Whether you are landing your yacht downtown or a simple strolling plebeian, sip on the Papa Hemingway (with your copy of “The Old Man and the Sea”), a refreshing daiquiri made with rum, maraschino, lime, grapefruit and orange bitters. Movie buffs can hum the tune of their favorite “Anchorman” song while slurping on an Afternoon Delight, a cocktail of gin, Lillet Blanc, fresh lemon, red bell pepper and mint.

Park & Rec: Belt out Ms. Aretha Franklin at the top of your lungs (they won’t mind!) while nailing cornhole and sipping on the SeeSaw, made with gin, Chareau aloe liqueur, guava syrup and lemon. Or go to tropical island cliffs in your mind with The Bluffs, made with Flor de Cana four-year rum, passionfruit and lime. Both are garnished with an orchid, so you can start your own lei!

Polite Provisions: For the ultimate cool down, head to the light and airy Polite Provisions where the windows are open and you can feel the breezes. Erick Castro and crew have a whole new menu geared up for summer, including Rum Business, with white rum, pineapple and cream soda, and Summer Palace Created, with gin, lime, coconut milk and thai basil. Deadhead mommies (like yours truly) will love the Grateful Mama, with blanco tequila, fresh lime, rosemary and sparkling wine. Or be communal with your friends around the Hyde Park Punch bowl, comprised of London dry gin, lime, cucumber, green tea and sparkling wine.

Starlite: Refresh in this classic spot while getting your flavonoid antioxidants in the Pomegranate Sparkler with Charbay pomegranate vodka, prosecco, fresh pomegranate juice and lemon. Or imagine yourself lounging with the tortoises and iguanas off the coast of South America while sipping the Galapagos, made with Pisco, lime, black pepper syrup and brandied cherries.

Sycamore Den: Cool down in the welcoming vibe of the Normal Heights favorite, relaxing with a White Summer, a bourbon-based cocktail with vanilla, lime, ginger syrup, mole bitters and soda. All whilst regaling your friends with the tale of the summer you won the fiddlin’ contest at the bluegrass festival while simultaneously shooting skeet with your shotgun. (your picture should be up at The Den!)

No matter where you head, please practice safety this summer, no drinking and driving, even bikes. Call a taxi or Uber and party on.

With 15 years in the restaurant and beverage industry and more than 700 reviews under her belt, Laurie Delk is a one-stop guide to all things craft beer, wine and spirits. You can follow Delk on Twitter @100beers30days or Instagram @sandiegobeer. Send ideas for featured drinks to

Source: DiscoverSD